Use Case: Payments

Payments is ready for major transformation.

Payments between companies represent nearly 40% of the global economy—but they mostly rely on outdated manual processes.

Without an authoritative view of data and transactions, transfers are prone to delays and errors while multinational entities navigate a complex web of payments systems.

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Get a shared, virtual system of record

Digital Asset solves these problems by creating a single source of truth for capturing and standardizing data across business entities.

With automated workflows, users eliminate manual processes and facilitate a seamless transfer of assets and flow of information across the value chain.

The Daml application development platform enables you to:
  • Reduce costs while eliminating errors and failures by leveraging smart contracts to automate complex payment rules.
  • Improve speed and accuracy of decision making with real-time, transparent data and a virtual, shared system of record.
  • Leverage accurate records and fail-safe workflows with an immutable audit trail.
  • Easily extend solutions to enable additional functionality such as simultaneous and committed settlement.
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Regulated Liability Network (RLN)

Digital Asset was an early and active participant in RLN, working to create a network of networks to de-risk and accelerate commercial bank payments by connecting the liabilities of all mainstream finance players. Read more about how Digital Asset is building the network for RLN with Daml and Canton.


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