Daml is the leading platform for building and running multi-party applications

Our technology transforms fragmented and siloed systems into seamlessly interconnected networks. Daml helps enterprises create a foundation for future-proof business models while reducing cost and risk, eliminating manual reconciliation, providing reliable and consistent data, and accelerating innovation and time-to-market.


Daml Enterprise enables global connectivity and synchronization, helping you get to market quickly with full-stack, multi-party solutions that scale as your business needs evolve. Daml Enterprise leverages the core Daml Open Source stack inlcuding our enterprise-grade, privacy-enabled Canton distributed ledger,  all supported by our industry experts 24/365.


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Daml Hub takes care of core operations for you so that you can concentrate on creating business value. As a managed cloud platform for Daml ledgers and integrations, it lets users take their Daml applications from small beginnings to mass adoption.

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Daml Open Source

Daml is an open source technology

Its best-in-class SDK, Canton privacy-enabled distributed ledger technology, and a rich set of integration components are all you need to build, test, and deploy multi-party applications.


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