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01. Platform

The Digital Asset Platform is carefully designed to meet the requirements of tomorrow’s financial markets 
While many Distributed Ledger platforms make great promises, Digital Asset understands the requirements for building a new, production grade foundation for rewiring global markets.

We have engineered the DA Platform to meet, and in many cases exceed, the strictest requirements of regulated market infrastructures and financial institutions around the world. We also deliver upon the fundamental benefits of synchronization and workflow automation that can unlock new business innovation, market-wide cost savings and material risk reduction.
Sensitive, contractual information is only ever shared with parties entitled to see it. Parties can be assured that they are notified of all events affecting them.
Institutions and their regulators can comply with reporting and compliance requirements in real-time, rather than days or weeks after transactions are complete.
Financial institutions can run reports against an historical record of all previous agreements and analyze all future potential positions based on current agreements.
The DA Platform serves as a common foundation which can be extended with additional functionality, entirely new product lines or even to power other markets.
No Reconciliation
Continuous and distributed data integrity removes the need and cost of reconciling between multiple parties automatically and in real-time.
Common Workflows
Market rules and common business workflows are replicated and independently verified by every party involved in an agreement to ensure systems are never out of sync.

02. Applications


Supporting end-to-end clearing and settlement activities for Exchanges, Central Counterparties, Central Securities Depositories and their market participants, including innovative new revenue generating services.

Fixed Income

From issuance, auction and settlement, to OTC trading and asset servicing, demonstrating both privacy of market participant roles and transparency of regulatory oversight.

Repurchase Agreements

Providing the infrastructure to perform real-time, on demand repo clearing and netting reducing operating cost and risk, and capital requirements.

Structured Products

Supporting detailed controls across trade proposal, eligibility, lifecycle and securities movement processes for both the underlying assets and collateral.


Unified stats of derivatives transactions, automated handling of lifecyce events and real-time data for ongoing valuation, risk, and operational analysis.


Streamlined and transparent process for the transfer and securitization of negotiable mortgage loans and for the structuring and repackaging of mortgaged-backed securities.

Healthcare Payments

Automating and streamlining eligibility, claims, remittance and prescription processing.

03. Product Services

Digital Asset tailors our products to meet your specific needs 
Having ensured an understanding of the technology and a validation of any potential use case, engagements typically start with a proof-of-concept to validate functional requirements, transition to prototypes and pilots to validate non-functional requirements, and then our applications are customized and integrated with your existing systems. Partners and end users are also able to perform customizations and integrations.
Proofs of Concept
A demonstration of the technical feasibility to satisfy the functional requirements of an application or use case.
Prototypes & Pilots
Designed to stress a few critical elements of the architecture and prove that the DA Platform is capable of meeting the strenuous requirements of a production system.
Digital Asset can take our existing products and customize them to meet the local and organizational needs of our clients.
Digital Asset, or our strategic partners, can provide application integration services to connect the Platform applications to existing systems and message types.
“Today’s financial infrastructure is often decades old and expensive to upgrade. The DA Platform mitigates wasteful cost and risk while allowing rapid product innovation.”
“Today’s financial infrastructure is often decades old and expensive to upgrade. The DA Platform mitigates wasteful cost and risk while allowing rapid product innovation.”
Kelly A. Mathieson, Head of Financial Products
Kelly A. Mathieson, Head of Financial Products

04. Contact Us

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