Daml Hub is a Platform-as-a-Service offering for Daml applications to simplify operations, accelerate deployment, and access applications on the Canton Network.


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Focus on business value, not operations

Daml Hub takes care of the infrastructure and software stack running your Daml applications so you can focus on maximizing the value they bring to your business.

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All in one place

Round the clock support, application hosting, and built in HA/DR from the world experts in hosting Daml applications.

One view of operations

Deploy your Daml application components, configure your ledgers and view your contract data, live from one service.

secure by design 2
Own your data, not the infrastructure

Distribute or allow app users to take nodes as-a-service, to access applications, maintain control over their private data and stay in total sync with network participants.

Faster ROI

Deliver faster with everything you need to access, deploy, test and extend your applications - and scale-up quickly over time.


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Reduce time to deliver projects

On average our services team sees projects delivered two months sooner with Daml Hub than when environments are set up independently.

Building Apps-3
Start in a few clicks

Start writing Daml applications and deploy them to multi-node networks in minutes.

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Fast feedback

Deploy and test quickly, getting the quick feedback you need by spinning up a participant node, deploying application artifacts, and seeing contracts in Live Data view.

Daml Hub: Your on-ramp to the Canton Network

Provision a node to participate in the growing ecosystem of Canton Network applications built with Daml.

Experience Daml Hub

Daml Hub has two tiers: Free and Enterprise. When you sign up to Daml Hub you are automatically subscribed to Free.
To compare features and services visit docs here or contact Digital Asset below for more information.

Get the benefits of PaaS with Daml Hub today


Lower Cost

No hardware costs or team needed to manage the infrastructure and software


Increased scalability

Easily scale your solution to changing needs



Ability to run via an internet browser 24/7 from any device


Simplified operational management

No installation, equipment updates, licensing management or ongoing maintenance


Additional Daml Hub Resources

Find additional resources about Daml Hub including a console overview, docs and developer tools for building applications.