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Tokenization and issuance

Create connected, regulatory-grade tokenization solutions to unlock new markets, new products and new opportunities.

Asset tokenization is on the rise, but representing assets in new digital forms is not enough to answer the deep-rooted industry challenges in capital markets. Whether digitally native, or in the form of tokenized real world assets, their value will lie in the utility and mobility of these tokens across financial markets. With a platform that enables the end-to-end tokenization of assets by fully capturing their rights, obligations and lifecycle events, firms use Digital Asset’s software to launch applications that shrink issuance timeframes, reduce risk with atomic settlement, cut corporate actions costs, and streamline operations.

Asset tokenization with
connectivity and control

Securely tokenize and mobilize digital assets

Digital Asset provides the leading platform for tokenization applications that digitalize the issuance, distribution and management of regulated assets, liabilities and agreements. With an asset agnostic smart-contract framework purpose-built for finance, all types of market participants, from investors, to issuers and FMIs leverage Daml to tokenize public and private market securities, digital cash (e.g. CBDCs, stablecoins or deposits), high quality liquid assets (treasuries, money market funds), and real world assets of all kinds, from commodities and carbon, to mortgages and market data.

Automate issuance and asset servicing and enable atomic settlement across systems, while preserving privacy, control and interoperability. Model the entire asset lifecycle, embedding data, rights, and obligations to bring more of the asset lifecycle on chain to expedite multi-party processes, reduce risk and increase operational efficiency.

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Regulatory-grade digital assets that flow 

Accelerate the tokenization of complex financial products, quickly add new asset classes, and create composable digital asset workflows across applications with Daml.

Ensure liquidity and utility of tokenized assets with native connectivity and atomic transfers across the Canton Network, and integrate with any market infrastructure or blockchain.

  • Regulatory grade, digitally-native issuance
  • Granular privacy and compliance controls
  • Connectivity across custodians, banks, FMIs and investors to create end-to-end value.

The largest institutions and corporations trust our technology to tokenize over $1.5t of real-world securities every month, reducing millions in annual operating costs typically carried by market participants.

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