Use Case: Lifecycle Management

Lifecycle management for
financial instruments is manual and uncoordinated, leading to errors and delays.

To reduce costs and modernize your operations, modern businesses need increased automation and real-time transactions across a single source of truth, while still honoring the privacy of counterparties.

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Get end-to-end lifecycle management

Digital Asset enables end-to-end lifecycle management for any type of financial instrument—across any technology infrastructure—by easily defining and strictly executing transactions based on lifecycle events.


The Daml application development platform enables you to:
  • Access robust modeling capabilities for the lifecycle conditions and events of any asset type.
  • Automatically enforce the rights and obligations of participants across the asset's lifecycle via a powerful smart contract framework.
  • Increase transparency between participants while consolidating and automating duplicative lifecycle processes.
  • Eliminate costs and reconciliation requirements by connecting historically disparate silos of information without compromising privacy.
Featured customer story


Project Genesis

Digital Asset partnered with BIS and HKMA on Project Genesis, a green bond issuance platform that tracks green bond proceeds to ensure greater transparency, traceability, and corporate responsibility surrounding green finance initiatives and to eliminate green washing.


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