Use case

Sports wagering

Extend new capabilities across sports betting platforms by growing pool liquidity and connecting to new customers.

Improve bet settlement with real-time synchronization and automated workflows. Define, create and immediately offer new bet types across the network. And reduce operational risk with seamless connections with global partners. 

Changing the game in
sports wagering

High performance and peak throughput processing to modernize high volume betting platforms

Digital Asset’s leading capital markets expertise is also being employed to modernize sports wagering and high volume bet processing. Seamlessly connect and settle across global partners to generate platform traffic and greater pool liquidity.

Tokenize simple and exotic bet types across all commingling partners and build up composable bet-by-bet products to attract broader audiences. Improve bet settlement with real-time synchronization and automated workflows. And provide a seamless customer experience across different betting formats.

Tokenization with Daml

Tokenize assets to create new products and improve bet settlement

Our technology is modernizing and scaling the USD$368B+ online sports betting industry and creating a major sports betting pool for the largest horse racing club in the world, enabling:

  • Bets to be matched in real time, even at peak betting times with wagers governed by smart contracts on a distributed ledger.
  • Define and create new bet types fast with a pre-built product library,and immediately extend offers across the network.
  • Actions are immutable, traceable and auditable, bringing greater confidence and trust to online betting.
  • Fulfill compliance requirements and manage commission agreements and know your customer (KYC) information across partners on a need-to-know basis.

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