Enterprises want blockchain. They need Daml.

What makes Daml different?

Easy dev 1

Daml and Canton is the only smart-contract language and blockchain that allows sub-transaction privacy. 

Efficient dev 1
Built for finance

Daml Finance is equipped with libraries, tools, and pre-built models to accelerate development of tokenized assets.

Safe dev 2
Composable applications

Enterprise applications built on Daml are natively interoperable, allowing the ability to update multiple applications within a single, atomic transaction.


The Canton blockchain behaves like a single ledger while supporting horizontal scaling. 

Daml is used in production by key industry players


Production repo platform 
processes hundreds of billions in volume; more than 10X daily DEX transactions.

Deutsche Borse Group

Production post-trade platform (D7); 80% of German securities plan to be digitized by mid-2023.


E2E tokenized asset infrastructure that supports the digital lifecycle on permissioned and public blockchains.


Nasdaq Green Bonds and Marketplace Services Platform helps clients looking to launch digital marketplaces.


Project Synapse brings the power of Daml to HKEX’s post-trade processing for Stock Connect.


Marketplace for new data-driven and ESG-inclusive commodities products.

BIS logo-1

Decreased bond origination 
and prep to ~2 weeks and streamlined subscription process.


Industry-backed syndicated loan platform that digitally captures agent banks’ deal data on a real-time basis.

Building blocks of the Daml platform

Build your multi-party application with the Daml SDK

Write business workflows with a purpose-built language. Test and debug your applications instantly while running against an actual ledger.

Daml Building Block - Daml SDK

Integrate with existing systems via
Daml APIs and Language Bindings

Connect your Daml smart contracts to your infrastructure through a choice of mechanisms, including Java, JavaScript/TypeScript, JSON, or gRPC. We provide a React library to simplify GUI integration.

Daml Building Block - Daml Integrations

Accelerate tokenization with Daml Finance

Daml includes Daml Finance, a purpose-built toolkit to accelerate tokenization and lifecycle management of complex financial instruments. Flexibly represent assets with standard interfaces, reduce risk associated with complex asset movements, and automate straight-through processing.

Daml Building Block - Canton Participant Node

Run your Daml application on a Canton Participant Node

Join the Canton blockchain with your own node and infrastructure you control. Solve reconciliation challenges by owning all the transactions for which you have rights and obligations.

Daml Building Block - Canton Domain

Start building your multi-party applications with Daml

Work with best-in-class developer tools

Daml IDE

Get feedback on authorization, privacy, and application behavior as you type.

Daml Sandbox

A simple ledger that enables rapid application prototyping without an infrastructure.

Daml Assistant

CLI that helps you create, initialize, compile, and build applications.


Clean APIs, code-gen, and front-end libraries allow you to integrate Daml into the language stack of your choice.

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