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Daml provides the competitive edge you need to get to market fast with a team and technology that you can trust.
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Future Ready Daml
Future Ready
Deliver practical applications and roadmaps that are fully portable across a variety of persistence layers and can interoperate across networks. Daml's built-in authorization and disclosure mechanisms also simplify your application and reduce potential for errors.
Daml Marketplace
Promote your proprietary Daml solutions to generate interest from our growing community and collect leads. Leverage open source libraries and solutions developed by Digital Asset to improve your time to market.
Structured Partner Program
Structured Program
Receive program benefits including training, co-marketing, and commercial leads. You decide the pace. The program is tiered by technical expertise, certifications, co-marketing activity, and sales performance. Incentives are defined by tier. The program is also segmented by your focus on services, products or platforms so you get a tailored experience.
DA Partner Program
Tailored for you.
The program has multiple tiers so you can set your own pace. We'll be there every step of the way to enable you to deliver innovation and business impact to clients.
The entry level of the program does not have any formal requirements for technical, sales or marketing performance. Ideal if you are starting out and planning your own growth strategy.
Partners that advance to the Foundation level are engaging in go to market planning and execution. They have acquired technical certifications, and executed successful co-marketing and sales campaigns.
Partners in the Advanced tier have demonstrated significant field engagement, advocacy, technical certifications, marketing, and sales activity. They have also built up Daml expertise in multiple solution areas.
Program Benefits
The program offers benefits and resources such as technical and sales trainings, revenue and brand marketing, and sales planning and execution. The benefits are commensurate with the tier you qualify for. As your tier level rises, so do your benefits.
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