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Daml Fundamentals


The Daml Fundamentals Certification Path is a curriculum that leads to a foundational-level certification exam and capstone project. The certification path prepares a developer to build a simple Daml application through learning the basics of Daml programming and testing. It consists of three courses:


  • Functional Programming in Daml

  • Canton Ledger Programming in Daml

  •  Testing in Daml



 beg-1  Beginner  |  clock-1  15 hours  |  cert-1  Certification Available

How it works


Self-paced Online Courses

Learn at your own pace. Courses can be taken individually, or in a prescribed sequence to reach your certification goal.


Certification Exam

Demonstrate your new skills by passing a comprehensive certification exam.


These courses can be taken individually or as part of a 3 part certification path.

Testing in Daml
beg  Beginner |  clock  Up to 3 hours


Learn how to test Daml code to ensure its behavior matches your intentions for both happy and unhappy paths.


What you'll learn:


  • How to reason about testing Daml code

  • Canton Protocol

  • How to leverage Navigator for testing and debugging

  • How to design test scripts

  • How to use debug, trace, assert, abort, ensure, and handle exceptions

Frequently Asked Questions

What certification path should I take first?

Everyone should start with our Daml Philosophy Certification Path. It is a conceptual curriculum that will help you build the proper mental model for multi-party Daml applications and the DLT-based Canton Network.

What is the cost of taking a certification path?

Our curriculum is free to take, though we charge $150 to take the certification exam. If you are a registered partner or customer, your certification fee may be waved. Please contact your Digital Asset representative for more information.

How long does it take to get certified?

It depends on the certification. Most of our certification paths require at least 12 hours of dedicated training, though some require more. Each certification path page contains detailed information on training time.

How many certifications should I take?

It depends on the role you will play. We have role-based certification paths, some of which stack on each other to provide a comprehensive and deep skill set for lead roles.

What if I have questions about training and certification?

Email and we’ll get back to you promptly.

Do I have to take the test immediately after purchase?

No, you can take the test at any time after the purchase.

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