Use case

Collateral and asset mobilization

Tokenize assets, cash and funds to increase inventory, collateralize more transactions, and improve collateral mobility

Even as demand for collateral increases, only ~10% of the securities eligible for use are able to be used as collateral today. Done right, tokenized collateral can unlock assets to transform capital markets, securing more transactions with a broader pool of assets and less risk. Improve operational efficiency, velocity and optimization with embedded eligibility data and allocation terms.

Optimize capital and cash flow

Tokenized collateral with unprecedented utility

Digital Asset provides the leading platform to securely tokenize assets and improve collateral mobility. Tokenize traditional assets, money market funds, or hard-to-move assets such as gold or commodities to increase the collateral pool, inject liquidity, and create more high quality liquid assets.

Lock assets at source to mobilize them as collateral and free trapped assets. Use asset tagging to directly embed collateral eligibility and allocation terms on the asset. Streamline eligibility testing and automate allocation with dynamic collateral availability. Remove layers of redundant reconciliation with synchronized data.

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A better way to meet obligations

In the industry’s most comprehensive demonstration, 45 leading market participants proved Daml and Canton’s ability to:

  • Move collateral more efficiently across an interconnected ecosystem of regulatory-grade applications, maintaining strict privacy between participants.
  • Improve collateral reuse and reduce margin requirements with committed (‘locked’) settlement.
  • Shift to intraday risk management and reduce capital costs and over-collateralization.

Connect tokenized collateral across the Canton Network to enable assets to be used to meet margin calls and collateral obligations, across the globe, instantly. Synchronized data and atomic transactions create the truly frictionless movement of collateral to meet obligations intraday, and with significantly lower risk.

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