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Custody and asset servicing

Create and connect digital asset safekeeping services and improve investor access with complete asset control and automated corporate actions

Improve digital asset safekeeping and create value across markets with real-time data synchronization and connected services. Retain asset control and reduce the risk, cost, and inefficiencies of market movements and asset servicing. 

Improved safekeeping and
asset servicing with
enhanced controls

Custody and service next generation digital securities, opening markets and expanding investor opportunities

Digital Asset provides the leading platform for creating sophisticated digital asset custody solutions, on the network emerging as the home for regulated, tokenized real world assets. Create value added services that provide real-time access to a shared system of record eliminating costly reconciliation and repetitive operating processes. Harness embedded lifecycle and reference data to improve corporate actions - from notification to execution.

Replace traditional handoffs with delegated permissions to retain a clear chain of control over the asset, reduce risk, and create a new paradigm for network management. Develop new partnerships and networks with other providers using composable services, and keep issuers, CSDs, asset servicers, and investors in sync with Canton.

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Improve and accelerate post-trade with connected, secure solutions

Digital assets and the opportunities of tokenized traditional securities expand opportunities for custodians and investors. Better access, new markets, innovative instruments, and deeper liquidity pools are possible on an interconnected network that creates true interoperability across the asset lifecycle.

Using Daml smart contracts to transfer digital asset ownership and automate associated actions means assets don’t have to move. This unbroken chain of control over asset custody eliminates layers of liability, risk and cost.

Embedded reference and lifecycle data, combined with transparency into ownership records, de-risk and shrink asset servicing timeframes and costs.

Connect on Canton Network to securely and confidently automate the end-to-end asset lifecycle - from issuance to buying, transferring, execution and settlement. 

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