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Digital cash

Unlock value across connected capital markets by bringing cash on chain for atomic DvP

Digital cash holds the key to on-chain atomic delivery vs. payment (DvP). Whether with CBDC, demand deposits, stablecoins, or other forms of cash-like instruments, digital cash unlocks the full potential of seamless end-to-end capital markets. The ability to connect multiple payment options and provide choice to market participants is critical to driving value across financial markets.

Asset tokenization with
connectivity and control

Secure, atomic, programmable payments

Digital Asset provides the leading platform to create and connect tokenized cash to interoperable capital markets solutions. From tokenized issuance through custody, clearing, settlement, collateralization and financing, the full range of post-trade solutions can be linked to tokenized regulated liabilities such as demand deposits, CBDC, stablecoins, or other cash-like settlement options.

Bring cash on-chain to enable instant exchange of value that accelerates every post-trade process. Fully unlock the potential of next generation financial markets, freeing financial resources and capital to improve the bottom line for providers and investors. 

Discover Daml

Create network utility with on-chain cash and make settlement optionality and atomic DvP a reality

Connect digital cash to the network rapidly emerging as the home for regulated, tokenized assets. Daml enables the tokenization of cash and regulated liabilities, to bring private or public money on-chain, enabling the instant exchange of assets for cash on an interoperable infrastructure.

  • Synchronized data means always-accurate ledgers
  • Strict privacy and controls over data access/visibility
  • Real-time payment and atomic DVP across independently run, permissioned blockchains
  • Composable with trading, margin, financing, fund or bond registries and other applications using a standardized Daml Finance model
  • Cash locking assures transaction completion, with decentralized synchronization services providing additional safeguards
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