The Global Economic Network is the future of the global economy

Digital Asset is transforming how businesses and customers connect through an open ecosystem where value and transactions flow freely.


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A network that not only builds economic value, but that also enables it to flow freely, securely, and with strict privacy, across interconnected systems.


Today's blockchains provide a partial solution to the problem of siloed data, as they synchronize transactions between participating users. Still, boundaries remain between different blockchain deployments and between blockchains and traditional IT systems.

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Digital Asset and Oliver Wyman, a leading international management consulting firm, have released a report on the emerging Global Economic Network and the technology behind it, with a particular focus on its transformative impact on financial services.

Daml, Digital Asset’s core technology, enables this interface across networks. It is a platform for building multi-party applications that run seamlessly across completely different infrastructures, whether databases, enterprise blockchains, or public blockchains.


It is the first system to fulfill the key requirements of a network-of-networks for global commerce. We think this is one of the core building blocks of the Global Economic Network.

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GBBC Virtual Blockchain Central
On Wednesday, January 19th at 10 am ET, Yuval Rooz along with leading industry experts from Goldman Sachs, J.P. Morgan, SIX Digital Exchange, Oliver Wyman and the Financial Times dove into the Global Economic Network and its transformative impact on financial services.
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Transforming how businesses and customers connect through an open ecosystem where value and transactions flow freely