Get DAML Certified and grow your career and business.

Daml certification validates expertise in smart contracts and distributed ledger technology (DLT) to help professionals to highlight in-demand skills and enterprises to build effective, innovative teams for DLT initiatives using Daml.

Your path to becoming Daml certified starts with foundations: the Daml Developer Associate certification.

You can then advance your expertise further in four role-based tracks:

Contract Developer
Solutions Architecture
Application Engineering
Ledger Specializations



Access the Materials



Daml Associate

This entry-level exam covers a cross section of core Daml topics that are necessary for a developer to build simple end-to-end Daml applications, and ground more specialized knowledge in a foundation of what an overall Daml solution looks like. Read the exam FAQs.





Contract Specialization

The Daml Contracts exams test a developer's skills in expressing the core of a distributed application using Daml Smart Contracts. It covers theoretical knowledge of the underlying abstractions, hands-on development know-how, testing capabilities, as well as common patterns, best practices, and the ability to design applications for performance and security.



Daml Contract Developer

This first exam in the Daml Contracts Track covers the mechanics of Daml: The Daml Ledger Model, Daml's surface syntax and how it links to that model, your ability to translate between real world workflows and Daml code, and your know-how regarding the testing and debugging of Daml Code. Read the exam FAQs.



Daml Contract Expert

More information coming soon…


Architecture Specialization

The Daml Architecture track tests your skill in building a full Daml solution. The track cover the topics of understanding the responsibility of every component in a Daml solution, selecting the right components for the different functionalities including Daml contracts, UI components, Daml connect components, Ledger integration components, and finally integrating these components into a complex solution.


Daml Solutions Architect

This first exam in the Daml Architecture track tests you on the basics of designing a full stack Daml solution. You will be tested on important components and interfaces, what they can be used for, and how they can work together. This exam samples from multiple levels of a Daml solution: the distributed ledger, the process of authentication and authorization, and the APIs and libraries available to build applications interacting with the Daml code. Read the exam FAQs.


Daml Expert Solutions Architect

More information coming soon…


Application Specialization

The Daml Applications track tests you on the technical knowhow to develop applications that depend on a Daml back-end for business logic and data persistence. APIs, general Daml contract operation, data types, development stack, and error handling are covered in this track.


Daml Applications Engineer

The Daml Applications Engineer exam is the entry-level exam in the Daml Application track. The exam covers all that a developer needs to know to produce an application that depends on a Daml back-end for business logic and data persistence. Read the exam FAQs.



Daml Expert Expert Applications Engineer

More information coming soon…


Ledger Specialization

More information coming soon…



More information coming soon…


Frequently Asked Questions

What does the price contain?
The price entitles you to three exam attempts.
Does the price contain learning materials?

All learning materials are available on the public documentation. The relevant sections are summarized in the syllabus guide.

Is there a practice test or are there retakes?

There is no practice test, and the price includes three attempts. If you need to retake the exam more than three times, you need to repurchase the exam.

What kind of exam is it?

It’s an online test consisting of a series of single choice, multiple choice, fill-in-the-gap, ordering, match, and free text questions. You can take it at any time after purchase from your browser.

How long does the exam take?

The exams take between 60-90 minutes, depending on the exam (details in individual exam syllabus). However, preparation for a new user with zero Daml experience can take anywhere from 8 hours to a week depending on general developer and smart contract experience.

Do I have to take the test immediately after purchase?

No, you can take the test at any time after the purchase.

Have additional questions? Get in touch and we’ll be more than happy to answer them.