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That’s the Daml Difference.
Most software frameworks want you to believe they’re just as good as everything else. That they can do the same things that the competition can. Daml isn’t most software frameworks.
Build Your Dreams Faster With Daml
That’s the Daml Difference.
A leveled-up language, a purpose-created framework, and top notch tooling. Shipping product with Daml feels like shipping product, not like configuring infrastructure and fighting fires.
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That’s the Daml Difference.
Trying to squeeze yesterday’s software onto tomorrow’s distributed infrastructure leads to nightmares today. Skip the line and start at the front. Build with Daml.
Delight users with Daml
That’s the Daml Difference.
When you take a framework designed for tomorrow’s applications and combine it with the assets and tools created by distributed application experts, the competitive advantage becomes obvious.
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