Digitizing Pharmaceutical Supply Chain with Daml

How can we reduce latencies and average inventory levels in the supply chain so it is more responsive while also enabling speedy and accurate drug recalls?

While significant technological advancements have been made, most supply chain processes operate in silos across the various participating organizations. Multiple ERPs and procurement systems need to be kept in sync, and order and inventory information needs to be exchanged frequently to ensure service levels are met. All of this requires extensive software and manual interventions. Thus, these silos result in extraneous reconciliation processes, adversely affect accurate forecasting, and increase overall risk. No party has access to an accurate, real-time state of goods along the supply chain, and information is often fragmented because of privacy and data domicile considerations.

See how our partners at Brillio are working with Johnson & Johnson to create a solution that orchestrates and optimizes these multiparty business processes to ensure real-time visibility of transactions across the supply chain.