Unlock the power of your stack without getting locked in.

The freedom to focus on your business now, the flexibility to choose your IT infrastructure later.


Don’t let your current IT stack stop you

With Daml smart contracts, you can deploy production-ready distributed applications on your infrastructure of choice - database or distributed ledger - to solve complex business processes that slow down business, increase costs, and result in drawn out compliance audits.

Unlock the power of your distributed network

Bring enterprise applications to market rapidly on your infrastructure of choice with Daml Drivers and unlock the potential of your distributed network.

Full application portability

Each Daml Driver provides full application portability, so no matter where you start, you can move to a different system. Supported Daml Drivers include: Daml for PostgreSQL, Daml for Corda, and Daml for VMware Blockchain.

Open the door for lasting digital transformation

Daml powers up distributed applications with a verifiable privacy model that automates business processes with rights, obligations, and fine-grained authorization built into the language. Streamline software development, unlock new digital business models, open the door for lasting digital transformation.