with confidence.

Daml provides the competitive edge you need to get to market fast with a team and technology that you can trust.
Daml apps are:
Daml's data model, fine-grained permissions, business logic, and scenario-based testing make it a dependable choice for building powerful applications that are secure by default.
Pairing write-only distributed ledger technology with Daml's authorization checks, accountability tracking, and a need-to-know privacy model makes even the most stringent compliance requirements a breeze.
Founded in 2014, Digital Asset has been busy helping the world’s largest companies harness the power of Distributed Ledger Technology (DLT). No one has a deeper DLT experience with the drive to help our customers succeed than us.
Build for your enterprise.
We work with the world’s largest companies across every industry to build solutions that synchronize complex multi-party workflows, lower operational cost, and mitigate risk.
Streamlined healthcare payments with reduced reconciliation among multiple providers and payers
Replacing a legacy clearing and settlement system with multi-party, automated, and simplified workflows
And Beyond
Demonstrated how organizations can save millions of dollars a year in software license management costs.
Build anywhere
Daml apps work with leading distributed ledger platforms and traditional database offerings. Since Daml apps are portable, you can also easily migrate them from one platform to another without updating code. Unlock your potential without vendor lock-in.
Build together
Need a jump start? Digital Asset has partnered with some of the world’s most innovative development teams to bring the power of Daml to enterprises around the world. Interested in becoming part of our partner ecosystem?
Enterprise Certifications
Enterprise Certification will be made available to certain clients and partners who meet the following certification criteria:
5% or 5 total enterprise developers (whichever is greater) have obtained a Daml Associate certification
Within the organization, there is at least 1 certified Daml Contract Developer, 1 Daml Solutions Architect, and 1 Daml Application Engineer.
In addition, Enterprise Certified entities must demonstrate: Minimum of 4 technical blogs outlining the benefits of Daml and Digital Asset; Minimum of 2 Daml applications featured on the Marketplace; Minimum of 2 active Daml client opportunities in flight; Minimum of 1 Daml solution running in production.
Ready to get started?
We have a few enterprise subscriptions ready for you to suit your needs, from proof of concepts, prototypes, to production solutions.
Want to see more?
We’d love to show you the Daml difference first hand with an in-depth demo and overview of what Daml can do.