supply chain management

Digital Asset delivers transparency across the entire supply chain through Daml, our multi-party application framework. Built-in safeguards protect data integrity and privacy.


Optimize supply chain workflows with automated multi-party transactions
Supply chains are extremely complex involving multiple untrusted parties, error-prone paperwork, one up - one down visibility, and long execution times. Digital Asset streamlines and standardizes these processes with rights, obligations, and fine-grained authorization built into the language ensuring the highest level of transparency and data integrity across any transaction in the supply chain.
Improve ownership traceability and accelerate dispute resolution and recalls
Daml provides a single source of truth based on fine-grained permissions that specify who is allowed to authorize a given contract step and who can view the contract data. When applied across distributed ledgers, this immutable data source provides a real-time, historical view of all transactions and agreements, eliminating malicious actors and counterfeit goods from the supply chain.
Conduct highly regulated transactions with data integrity and privacy
Digital Asset empowers business domain experts across the supply chain to rapidly create interoperable multi-party workflows that sit across multiple applications and infrastructures, extracting and connecting data that can be used in repeatable workflows. With Daml smart contracts, businesses can streamline supplier onboarding and incorporate Internet-of-Things data into logistics and planning for more accurate forecasting.

Automate complex supply chain workflows

We work with the world’s largest supply chains - across manufacturing and logistics to retail and consumer products - to reduce risk, improve efficiency, accelerate procurement and payments, and solve persistent business issues.

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Digital Asset's Daml, the premier multi-party application framework and smart contract language, is used by world class supply chain service providers across the globe.
QMC is leveraging Daml for a nanotechnology-based authenticity and traceability platform, rapidly addressing a particularly challenging aspect of global commerce and supply chain management, fighting criminal counterfeiters and building brand trust.
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Blockchain Technology Partners is utilizing Sextant for Daml to improve revenue loss and overhead costs for their customers across global supply chain management and track and trace systems.