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Digitize Pharmaceutical Supply Chains with Emerging Technologies
in partnership with Brillio and Johnson & Johnson


Join us on March 31 for a panel discussion on how to bridge data and business process islands between different enterprises, internal applications, and even systems within the same organization. We will share a live demo that highlights how disparate pharmaceutical supply chain operations can be seamlessly connected so every participating entity has real-time insight into their business while preserving privacy for each stakeholder.




Guido Rijo, Vice President, Supply Chain Digital Transformation, Johnson & Johnson

Lakshmi H Shastry, Blockchain Architect, Brillio

Manish Grover, Partners & Industry Solutions, Digital Asset


While significant technological advancements have been made, supply chain processes in the pharmaceuticals industry still operate in islands across participating organizations and across applications within the same enterprise. Using real life examples, we will explore how to reduce latencies and average inventory levels in the end-to-end supply chain so it is more responsive and transparent. 


For example:


  • Multiple ERPs, procurement, and inventory systems often need to be kept in sync.
  • Order and inventory information needs to be exchanged frequently to ensure service levels are met.
  • Accurate forecasting and inventory planning is adversely affected due to latencies, and overall risk is increased.
  • Parties lack access to an accurate, real-time state of business processes along the supply chain.
  • Information is often fragmented and inconsistent because of multiple hand-offs.
  • Privacy, data domicile considerations, and compliance needs are difficult to meet.


Thus, data and process islands result in significant reconciliation efforts that drive up cost and reduce responsiveness. To ensure real-time transaction visibility across the supply chain, business leaders in pharma must implement a solution that orchestrates and optimizes multiparty business workflows. The demo will combine the use of AI and APIs with smart contracts (Daml) and distributed ledger technology.



Key takeaways:

  1. Bird's eye view of the most impactful opportunity areas
  2. How current IT strategy can be enhanced with emerging tech
  3. How analytics and AI programs can be accelerated


Views expressed by the speakers do not reflect the views of their respective organizations. No business relationship is implied between J&J, Digital Asset, and Brillio.