Daml for VMware Blockchain is trusted by the world’s largest enterprises for mission critical workloads 

Daml for VMware Blockchain supports the most demanding distributed applications running Daml smart contracts on VMware infrastructure

Accelerate distributed application development with a highly-performant platform.
Privacy by Design
Businesses are protected against faults and malicious actors with full data integrity in the blockchain and privacy from third parties through data distribution rules automatically determined by Daml, sub-transaction level privacy at the infrastructure layer, and Scalable Byzantine Fault Tolerance (sBFT) consensus.
Day 2 Operations
Management, deployment, and monitoring are built into the VMware Blockchain platform for simpler provisioning, comprehensive metrics and logs, and 24x7 global support for the Daml runtime, delivering the confidence needed to support the most demanding customers in production.
Leverage Existing Systems
Model and enforce multiparty agreements with Daml smart contracts while leveraging the Daml SDK tooling to integrate with existing systems using software defined data center (SDDC) infrastructure, and scale across multiple data centers in public, private, and hybrid environments.

Mission-critical distributed applications


Daml for VMware Blockchain provides a secure and highly performant platform that enables businesses to run enterprise multi-party applications.




Vectorcomplexity (1) ELIMINATE COMPLEXITY

Daml is the only smart contract language to abstract away the complexity of the underlying infrastructure while still providing proof of rights, obligations, and authorization.




GroupcodequicklyCODE QUICKLY

Focus on the application's business logic only and let the Daml runtime drive the blockchain infrastructure.





Tear down data silos inherent with legacy solutions with access to several Daml reference applications and libraries that accelerate application development.