Daml for PostgreSQL allows you to build multi-party applications now, decentralize later.

Daml for PostgreSQL eliminates the cost and maintenance of outdated processes with multi-party applications on any PostgreSQL compliant database

Solve complex multi-party workflows with Daml for PostgreSQL
Future-Proof Applications
Solve complex workflows and connect businesses through innovative multi-party applications. Daml for PostgreSQL gives developers the tools to build smart contracts on any PostgreSQL v9.6 or higher database while still providing a path to decentralization.
Purpose-Built Language
Use a smart contract language that empowers business domain experts to rapidly create interoperable multi-party applications that adhere to strict data regulations and eliminate silos between internal parties. Daml workflows clearly define the rights and obligations of parties involved in a transaction, only sharing information with those who have a right to view the data.
Market Advantage
Get to market faster with solutions that directly contribute to the company's bottom line. Daml is vendor-agnostic, supporting databases and distributed ledgers, helping businesses focus more on building value by optimizing manual internal processes, rather than focusing on infrastructure.

Multi-party applications on traditional databases


Daml for PostgreSQL builds on a company's legacy infrastructure while providing additional privacy and controls to all application users through the use of Daml smart contracts.




Vectordevelopment IAM AND TLS SUPPORT

Daml for PostgreSQL supports key enterprise features such as integrations with existing IAM systems and TLS to encrypt data in transit.





24x7x365 support options are available giving enterprises the confidence to run mission-critical applications in production.




Works with any PostgreSQL compatible database including Amazon RDS, Aurora, AzureDB, and GCP Cloud SQL for PostgreSQL, in addition to the open source PostgreSQL distribution.